Images of product displayed on electronic devices may vary from the actual product, thus it is essential that you view these in person before final selection of your flooring.

Timber Top…What is it?

Timber Top is a prefinished range of engineered timber flooring. It has all the natural beauty and characteristics of real timber, however is engineered as a floating floor system, so it can be used directly on concrete floor finishes and is prefinished so there is no site stabilising time or messy sanding and sealer coating. 

The engineered boards consist of multiple layers.

  1. Protective coatings of for wear resistance
  2. A 3.5mm layer of specific solid timber species
  3. A 9.5mmmiddle core layer of plantation grown timber which also houses the tongue and groove system
  4. A 1.5mm bottom layer balancing veneer


All these layers are cross laminated (meaning in different directions) which makes for a very stable product

Timber Top predominately comes in single planks, although some species do have 2 and 3 strip options.

Timber Top offers Traditional species like Merbau and Kempas, Australian species such as Spotted Gum and Black Butt, and an Architectural range which includes a vast array of smoked and hand scrapped finish Oaks.

Being an engineered product and only using 3.5mm top layers, Timber Top is a very sustainable product, and like all prefinished floating floor systems, an average home can be laid in a day with minimal fuss.